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On this episode of ‘Hello Counsellor’, Lee Youngja told the problem of a woman who had been seeing ghosts every night for the past 13 years.

She then proceeded to ask the MCs and guests if they believe in ghosts to which Gongchan confessed, “I am someone who totally does not believe in ghosts, but I started believing in them when I saw one,” bringing chills to the studio.

Gongchan then continued to explain that, “the entrance to my room does not have a door, but is instead merely covered with a piece of cloth. One day, when there was no one at home and the room was only lighted by a candle, I flipped aside the cloth to enter my room, only to see two feet hovering above the ground near the bed. I was so shocked my legs gave away, however when I looked up again nothing was there.”

((roughly) translated through the video above & this article)

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[ENG SUB] 140723 Show Champion Talk

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[ENG] 140728 One Fine Day (Episode 2 — part 1 | part 2)



[photo: KBS2 Escape Crisis No.1]

MC Kim Jong Kook asked Gongchan in real life, when he was in biggest danger and escaped the crisis.
Gongchan replied, “I was going to school but I was getting late, so I rode the bicycle and was going downhill. Ahead of me was a car in the middle of a…

[HD] 140805 KBS2 Our Neighborhood (B1A4 cut)


Suwon Sound Wave Fansigning

A really young fanboy came to the Suwon Sound Wave fansigning today. He had used his allowance & prize money he had saved up. Even though it was the first time they met, CNu had been really considerate and had remembered the boy’s name & had also called the little fanboy cute.

During the ending ment, CNu, with a really proud look on his face (t/n: like a big brother to his beloved younger brother, or father to son?), again spoke to the little fanboy.

Gongchan had also been very considerate to the same young, fanboy.

(cr photos & fanaccount via cnubar+fallinginchan)

ps. it should be illegal for young kids to attend these events because then these photos & fanaccounts happen and then I die D=