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Bana Japan Diary Staff message

This summer days are very intense but, how are you BANAs??

Those who are on summer vacation,those who don’t know about the break,everybody! The second half of year!

Will be painted to the B1A4 color!!!

Because many notices have come all must be with the facial muscles working hard … right? Right.

But the notices won’t stop.

The goods of the fan meeting, this and that about the fan meeting, and, and…

"Say it fast!"

I know I know… 

But things have an order, promises, is something you can not see, you can not imagine (This is getting larger)

When we say something without warning tell us that is sudden.

So we are advising gently, yeah! This is that time. You may understand?

The other day I was watching the images of the DVD that will be released in September,17th.

There were many phrases from the members, including,

"Thank you for always waiting for us. This year we will go many times to not make you wait"

…They keep the promise!!

We know that lately we have many surprising things

But we wish to convey the feeling of the members, “We want to see more the Banas!”

So wait forward to the fanmeeting, the event and the world tour.

Although some time has passed, but we bring you the offshot of With B1A4♪


140729 Bana japan diary With B1A4 off shot

Sandeul & Gongchan

They were talking all the time while waiting for the other members get ready.

Jinyoung & Cnu

When we told them we would take the photo for “30 minute to go” The married couple made the pose of 1… (What?)


Every time that we focused for Baro he gave us a funny expression.


The producer Jinyoung, just before the comeback in korea. The leader is always busy.


The dinosaur Gongchan is beautiful even when he sleeps….


They relaxed as if that was his home. They say they are always like this ♪

※ The comments are from the staff of Bana japan

※ Yes, ”The married couple” too :)


Monday, July 28

  • [Recording] MBC Music Picnic Live
  • [Broadcast] MBC Music B1A4 One Fine Day [6:00PM KST]
  • [Livestream] MWAVE Meet & Greet [9:00PM KST]

Tuesday, July 29

  • [Music Show] SBS MTV The Show: All About Kpop [6:00PM KST]
  • [Radio] KBS COOL FM Kiss The Radio [10:00PM…